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Creative Ally is a marketing and branding firm that partners solely with nonprofit organizations, foundations, independent schools, colleges and universities, and the charity arm of corporations.  
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Case Study:

Event Promotion

CASE STUDY: Women and the Law Event Promotion. The Problem Creative Ally had only been working with Cooley Law School for a few months when the marketing director divulged that
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Holiday Promotion

When the American Dairy Association of Michigan asked for a holiday promotion, we took the request

You Can Count on Creative Ally

Creative Ally Marketing is dedicated to using our extensive experience and creative skill sets to help nonprofits, such as associations, coalitions, schools, charities and foundations, reach new heights by promoting their brand, events, services, offerings and activities in the most cost-effective and results-oriented way possible, allowing them to meet their goals and attract valuable staff members, volunteers and donors, and most important, lift the lives of others.