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Alumni Giving Presentation

Fieger PP slidesWhen we teamed with the MSU College of Law, we developed a fundraising proposal using a PowerPoint presentation and printed materials for their meeting with alumnus, Geoffrey Fieger, ’79, who had expressed an interest in making a monetary gift. Working with the Director of Development, our goal was to demonstrate to Mr. Fieger—one of the nation’s most prominent and successful practicing trial attorneys—that his donation would serve as a legacy that would benefit future law students, as well as create a lasting tribute to his own achievements.

The PowerPoint presentation began with poignant questions, such as, “Who will hear them?,” and “Who will believe in them?,” appealing to Mr. Fieger’s compassion and personal belief in helping the underdog. The next part emphasized how his contribution would initiate and sustain the nation’s first and most comprehensive college trial practice program in the nation. We reminded Mr. Fieger that his alma mater, which had prepared him so well to be a trial attorney, was the right place to educate future trial lawyers to be successful advocates for their clients. As a result, Mr. Fieger donated $4 million to the law school.



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