Student Recruitment

school porfolioCreative Ally has worked with numerous independent and charter schools, colleges and universities to help them recruit students. We begin with research, using as much preexisting information as possible. We then developed recruitment marketing materials that fit the institutions’ goals and budgets while emphasizing the schools’ unique benefits and features, using methods such as direct mail, email campaigns, social media marketing, event coordination and promotions, and follow-up communications that helped our clients meet or surpass their admissions goals.



Recruitment Highlights

At Thomas M. Cooley Law School, we developed and produced targeted marketing that increased overall enrollment by 30 percent, significantly boosting the number of women and minorities.

At the University of Michigan College of Engineering, we proposed and instituted the college’s first student recruitment marketing program that resulted in overall enrollment increases.

At Michigan State University College of Law, we created the college’s graphic identity program, leading to the implementation of their first targeted student recruitment marketing program, resulting in a 200 percent increase in applications, a 50 percent increase in enrollment, and a considerable rise in student credentials.


CASE STUDY: Read how we helped Cooley Law School target women and receive over 300 attendees for a recruitment event.

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